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  • Propress PRO580 Professional steamer, pink colour - full length view

    Professional Curtain Fitters Bundle

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  • Propress PRO580 Fabric Steamer - standard colour full length view
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Propress PRO580

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  • Propress PRO580 clothes steamer, granite colour - full length view

    Junior Curtain Fitter’s Bundle

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  • Propress garment steamer PRO290 Pink steamer

    Propress PRO290

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  • Drapery Kit for Propress Steamer - 3m hose and extension poles

    Propress Drapery Kit

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  • Carry Case for Propress Steamer

    Propress Carry Case

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  • Propress steamer 2m replacement hose for curtain steamer

    Propress 2m Drapery Hose

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  • Propress garment steamer 1.65m replacement steamer hose for clothes with nozzle cover

    Propress 1.65m Clothing Hose

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  • Professional Photographer’s Bundle

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  • Hat Nozzle for use with Propress Hat Steamer

    Propress Hat Steamer Nozzle

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  • Descaler for Propress Steamer

    Propress Descaler

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  • Soopl Fashion Trolley Shop View

    Soopl Fashion Trolley

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  • Velvet Upholstery Brush for use with Steamer

    Velvet Brush

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  • Soopl-trolley-bag-5-1

    Soopl Trolley Bag

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  • Soopl Garment Bags Small size - six on Soopl Fashion Trolley

    Soopl Garment Bags

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  • Mobilefold Folding Station with stack of folded tops

    Mobilefold Folding Station

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  • Soopl Middle Rail for Soopl Fashion Trolley

    Soopl Middle Rail for Fashion Trolley

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  • Pole set for use with Propress garment steamer

    Propress Pole Set

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  • Soopl Garment Bags Small size - six on Soopl Fashion Trolley

    Soopl Sets

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