About the Company

Customer service at Propress is excellent. If you come to them with an issue they deal with it promptly and their aftercare is second to none.UK Charity with 12 shops
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  • Great value for money and excellent customer service.International Fashion Retail Chain
  • Brilliant product, always great customer service.UK Charity with c.40 shops
The quality of the products is excellent.Multinational Facilities Management Company

How we began

Propress’ founder Brian Fillery was a fashion agent who saw a need for a fast, efficient way to remove creases from fabric.


Once customers saw how effective and fast the Propress Steamer was, they couldn’t get enough! Leading Fashion Designers started spreading the word.


Ever tried to iron a wedding gown? Bridal boutiques quickly fell in love with the reliable, high performance Professional Steamers.

Fashion Retail

Retail stores soon realised that Propress Steamers improved presentation and increased sales.


When you make the best steamer in the world, the rest of the world wants a piece of the action. Propress export to 5 continents and over 30 countries.

We make steamers. Simple. That’s all we do! For over 30 years we have been manufacturing in the UK the world’s best garment steamers and fabric steamers. We have learnt from our customers and have a wealth of experience in all types of fabric applications, from leather car seats to silk lingerie, curtains to costumes, wigs to bridal gowns, clothes to beds, carpets to lampshades and many more, we cover a very wide range of markets.

Our experience enables us to understand your business and ensure that you get the maximum benefits from using a Professional Steamer. We have listened to our customers and acted on their demands – that’s why Propress has become the Steamer of choice in the professional market.

About Our Steamers

Propress Steamer Features

In addition to a range of safety features including, but not limited to, safety cut out, run dry buzzer, safety steam release valve and optional standby feature, our Professional Steamers have certain key quality features:

Propress Stainless Steel boiler tanks

Stainless Steel Boiler Tanks

Propress Steamers’ stainless steel boiler tanks come with a 10 year warranty. Our Steamers only use high quality materials for a reliable, and robust, machine that performs at the top of it’s class

Propress Nozzle in foreground

Aluminium Nozzle

Propress Steamers’ lightweight aluminium nozzle provides peerless performance. Aluminium is a much better conductor of heat than the plastic nozzles found on cheap, poor quality steamers. This means you don’t have to worry about dripping, hot spots, cracking or snags.

Propress PRO580G

Large Water Reservoir

More water means more steam, and the PRO580 Steamer has a capacity of 4 litres; that translates as over 2 hours of steam time. Because, in a Propress Steamer, all the water is heated at the same time, steam is hotter, denser and goes further. This means better performance and better results.