Steamer Accessories: Propress steamer Carrying Case, closed - front view

If you’ve already purchased your Propress fabric, clothes and garment Steamer, it’s time to have a look through our range of Steamer accessories to optimise your steamer’s abilities.

Browse through our innovative steamer accessories and make the most of your steamer!

Steamer Accessories: Propress 2m hose for curtains
Steamer Accessories: Propress Carrying Case, closed and open - front and angled view

Propress Carry Case

Sturdy carry case designed to fit all current models of Propress Steamer. Features central carrying handle and 2 paddlockable latches. A must if you are taking your steamer on location to exhibitions, shoots, private houses or shows; it has space for your steamer, water bottle, extension lead and even your sandwiches!

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Propress Drapery Kit

Propress Hi-Reach 3 metre hose assembly complete with extension poles.

Propress Drapery Kit consists of high-reach 3 metre hose assembly complete with extension poles. This enables the user to steam drops of just over 3 metres without using a ladder, ideal for curtains, drapes, marquee linings and displays. The Drapery Kit is fitted with the unique lightweight Propress Steamers aluminium nozzle.

The Drapery Kit will fit neatly inside the Carrying Case accessory together with a steamer.

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Steamer Accessories: Propress steamer Drapery Kit with 3m hose and extension poles

Propress Descaler

Mild descaler – Recommended by Propress Steamers – One packet calculated to be the right amount to descale a Propress Steamer – Just mix with hot water and pour in.

Limescale forms on heating elements and surfaces due to calcium found in water. This decreases performance, increases running costs and shortens the life of the element.

Clean your steamer regularly with Propress Descaler to keep it limescale and trouble free

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Steamer Accessories: Propress steamer Descaler sachet front view
Steamer Accessories: Propress 1.65m hose for clothes

Propress Hose

Available in two sizes, the 1.65m clothing hose and the 2m drapery hose come complete with cotton nozzle bag and protective hose cover.

Steamer Accessories: Propress 2m hose for curtains